Telemarketing / Sales Rep / Management Application

Thank you for the opportunity in considering Worlds Cheapest Printing Companies as a career choice. Our goal at Worlds Cheapest Printing Companies is to give every employee the opportunity to earn the highest wage possible by rewarding employees who truly can increase sales through effective time management, innovation and ability to become 100% proficient with the industry niche they promote within Worlds Cheapest Printing Companies. At Worlds Cheapest Printing Companies we realize a very happy employee makes for a very motivated, dedicated and loyal employee – and Worlds Cheapest Printing Companies, in turn, returns the loyalty by offering our best employees the opportunity to truly advance in regards to both financial opportunity and responsibility.


Corey Huetter, CEO
Worlds Cheapest Printing Companies

Telemarketing / Sales Position

First Name: Last Name:
How many years of experience do you have in Telemarketing Sales?
Describe what all you have sold in regard to products / services and out of all your experience, what type of product or service you feel you did best in marketing and selling by phone.
Is there anything about telemarketing jobs you do not like – what frustrates you the most with Telemarketing Sales?
What do you think makes you a better telemarketer than others that will apply for this position?
Do you work best with very precise telemarketing scripts or do you feel you can read people on a call and take the call in the appropriate direction?
How critical do you feel it is to know 100 percent about the company and products you are marketing and selling?
Do you feel once you know a product and/or service inside and out, you are capable of putting together effective telemarketing scripts that you could teach others telemarketers to use effectively?
If you were to hire and manage a group of telemarketers, what do you feel is the keys to assuring each one is successful?
What do you feel are the key attributes for any telemarketer to succeed?
What do you feel about financial incentives for performance for exceeding a given level of performance, what do you feel is a fair way to provide financial incentive for a telemarketing representative.
Including your hourly wage and any incentives we would implement to highly motivate you, how much per hour would you like to make that would make you absolutely the most loyal and outstanding employee possible?
How many calls per hour/day should I expect you or any telemarketer to make? (this can just have one line for an answer)
How much time do you think someone should spend on their own time learning about the company, products and services they are selling?
Please feel free to expand on anything further you would like to share